Vital Role of Salary Scale & Job Evaluation


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Program Objectives

  • Write down job descriptions based on best practice methodologies
  • Evaluate and price jobs
  • Create and develop current salary scale using international mechanism
  • Place current and future staff members into the new scale
  • Phase out cost of placement
  • Administer newly developed salary scales based on best practice
  • Forecast HR annual budget including merit increases and promotional increments

Program Modules

Module 1

  • Economic impact and constraints on businesses
  • Why do businesses excel
  • Job analysis
  • Competency based job descriptions

Module 2

  • Point rating job evaluation
  • Salary and benefits survey
  • Job matching
  • Bench marking
  • Job pricing

Module 3

  • Structuring your competitive salary scale based on best practice approach
  • Salary brackets and grading structure
  • Pay bands regression and quartiles
  • Upward progression ratios
  • Smoothening the scale cure

Module 4

  • Market catch up process
  • Placement of new hires
  • Human resources budget forecast
  • Administering merit increases, promotions and career path using a scientific approach structure

Target Audience

This course is designed for the following target audience:

  • Persons new to the field of human resource management
  • Aspiring human resource professionals
  • Persons who are in supervisory positions and others who have their own businesses

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