Transformational Training & Contemporary Job Replacement


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with knowledge and main concepts of employees qualifying policies and succession as one of the main elements of human resources processes
  • Enrich participants'' skills in applying concepts and methods of drawing the qualification policies and succession with the form that realizes profitable work 

Course Modules
Module 1: The Basic Concepts
  • Role of personnel in developing the organization
  • Goals, concepts and the main approaches of human resources development
  • Significance of planning process as one of the managerial process elements
  • Methods of coordinating between the different managerial plans and human resources plan
 Module 2: Manpower Planning
  • Approaches, methods and policies of human resources development planning
  • Estimating the organization needs of manpower
  • Required activities for human resources development planning
  • Collecting data and required information for human resources planning
  • Enclosing, analyzing describing jobs
  • Evaluating and organizing jobs
 Module 3: Methods of Handling Poor Human Resource Management
  • Job development: Main dimensions that rule development processes
  • Career development: Organizational chart
  • Wages scale and performance appraisal
  • Identify training needs
  • Integrated training plans development
  • Evaluating the outcome of training
 Module 4: Qualifying Strategies
  • Professional categorization for employees
  • Essence in forming the job qualification policies
  • Career qualification approaches through the on-job training
  • Transforming training to increase the utilization of semi and unskillful employees 
Module 5: Succession Strategies
  • Concepts and procedures
  • Succession models
  • How to prepare the career path at different managerial levels

 Target Audience
Managerial leadership and head of HR departments and candidates of related occupations
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