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Course Objectives
  • Definition of the basic concepts and new directions for the process of training
  • Identify training needs and develop appropriate programs to meet the training requirements and follow-up and evaluation of the training activity
  • Enhance the skills of participants administratively and technically, enabling them to effectively manage training activity and measure its cost-benefit
  • Identify trends of contemporary world leader in the field of training and development of human resources and experiences according to nowadays technological breakthroughs
  • Provide participants with the basics of information systems to build support for managing the data of the training process successfully and the appropriate systems for the overall quality of training

 Course Modules
Module 1: Basics of the Training Process
  • Types and areas of training
  • Contemporary trends in training
  • Training policy as an integrated system
  • Related to the training activities of other organized activity
  • Integrated stages of training activity
  • Training system
  • Training and Development Department site within the organizational structure 
Module 2: Organizational Patterns of Training Activity
  • How to identify training needs
  • Training needs at the level of individuals and organizations
  • Organizational analysis
  • Operations and Business Analysis
  • Analysis of individuals
  • Strong planning system working
  • Career path planning system
  • Performance evaluation system
  • Recruit jobs policies
Module 3: Methods used to Identify and Record Training Needs
  • Arrange the training needs according to priorities
  • Plan for the training activity
  • Analysis of the objectives of the training plan (trends and priorities)
  • Basic stages of the development of integrated training plan
  • How needed to plan training budget
Module 4: Preparation for Implementing Training Programs
  • Factors affecting the implementation of the training activity
  • Activities and phases and steps of implementation of the programs
  • Preparation and implementation of training programs
  • Preparation and design of training programs
  • How to choose the destinations and places of training
  • How to choose the training body
  • How to cope with variables facing execution
Module 5: Financial Aspects of Training
  • Prepare budgets for training activity and programs
  • Actual budget for the activity and training programs to prepare
  • Factors that must be considered when determining the costs of training
Module 6: Evaluation and Follow-up Training
  • Measurements Rating
    • Reaction
    • Learning degree
    • Change in the collective behavior
    • Physical and moral results
    • Cost measurement and return on training
  • Evaluation Stages
    • Curriculum training
    • Coach and trainee
    • Operational activities
  • Tools of Rating
    • Assessments
    • Interviews
    • Surveys
  • Models indicators of the assessment records
    • Prepare follow-up reports to training activities
    • Computer systems and training information
    • Prepare follow-up reports to training activities
    • Determine dimensions of financial information system
    • Application and amendment of the rules
  • Training databases

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