Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation of Public Budget and Financial Reporting


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Course Objectives

  • Enable participants to recognize the concept and functions of government’s accounting, in accordance with modern trends and versions of the International Federation of Accountants
  • Identify recent trends in the preparation of government budgets and application to use the software''s budget and performance
  • Provide participants with the skills to conduct financial analysis applied to a number of organizations, including the participants can make a realistic assessment of financial performance, according to the practice of the process for a number of organizations representing different sectors of the economy
  • Raise participants’ performance in the preparation and presentation of reports the results of the financial analysis

 Course Modules

Module 1: Budgeting in Government Units

  • State budget
  • Methods of budgeting in government units
  • Build cost structure in government units
  • Creation of the general budget
  • Steps for setting up budget programs, performance and functional ingredients
  • Implementation of programs and performance budgeting
  • Applied aspects of the implementation of programs and budget performance

Module 2: Preparation of the Government''s Financial Reports

  • World Bank''s instructions on the development axes accounting system
  • International Committee of the standards of the International Federation of
  • Objectives and versions of standards and inter-governmental accounting
  • Government Accounting Standard I: Presentation of financial statements
  • Government Accounting Standard II: Statement of cash flows
  • Prepare the balance sheet for government units
  • Prepare of the statement of financial performance for government units

Module 3: Financial Analysis of the Government''s Financial Reports

  • Analysis of the vertical and horizontal government’s financial reports
  • Strategic Financial Analysis
  • Use of financial failure in the evaluation of government models
  • Use of financial indicators to analyze government’s financial reports

Target Audience

  • Financial Managers
  • Accountants
  • Financial analysts in the public sector institutions
  • Internal and external auditors for various sectors

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