Job Descriptions, Evaluation & Career-Path Planning


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the essential needed skills to do jobs analysis and description and the used methods for that and the preparation and application methods
  • Provide participants with the modern trends and the scientific methods to jobs assessment and recognizing the assessment problems and their handle methods.
  • Enrich participants'' skills with planning and developing career path and the individuals'' career grade 

Course Modules
Module 1: Concepts of Evaluating and Describing Jobs
  • Jobs analysis
  • Scopes and significance of jobs
  • Business analysis
  • Fundamental basics for job analysis
  • Scientific methods for job analysis
  • Planning and implementing of job analysis process 
Module 2: Job Descriptions
  • Importance of job description and its relation to personnel department duties
  • Scientific methods for job description
  • Criteria to judge job analysis and description system efficacy
Module 3: Job Evaluation
  • Nature and significance of job evaluation
  • Stages and requirements of jobs evaluation basis
  • Methods of job evaluation
Module 4: Determining Performance Rates and Records
  • Prepare the job budgets and how to finance them
  • Prepare organizational guides (Basis and considerations)
  • Planning future career path
  • Basic concepts to career path planning and stages
  • Determine future needs of individuals

Target Audience
Officials at personnel departments and preparation, training, manpower planning all who are working in the areas of organizing and studies at the governmental bodies and authorities and public sectors
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