Administrative Skills Development for Contemporary Supervisors Advanced Management Skills Advanced Supervisory Skills Application of quality management for management development and continuous improvement Art of Contemporary Management & Emotional Intelligence Audit, Control & Follow up Integrated Systems Business Development Approach Using Electronic Business Strategies Business Development with International Standards Business Effectiveness & Priorities Management Business excellence management and development things patterns Career Innovation Achievement And Excellence Strategy Setting Certificate in Business Acumen® Certified Leadership & Influence Professional® Certified Marketing Professional® (CMP) - Level 1 Certified Middle Manager® Coaching and Mentoring Communication & Effective Interaction Skills Contemporary Executive Leadership Skills Contemporary Approach to Team Work Leadership Contemporary Approaches to Supervision, Leadership & Performance Development Contemporary Leadership Skills & Generating Innovative Ideas Contemporary Methods for Planning & Programming Correlation between Strategy Preparation & Balanced Scorecards System Crises Management & Innovative Decision-making Development of Self-Competencies & Performance Excellence Dynamic Leadership & Effective Communication Effect of Leadership & Innovation in Organizational Change Management Effective Communication Skills Effective Supervisory Skills Electronic Government Management Applications Emotional Intelligence And Social Communication In Modern Organizations Employees Corporate Loyalty Development Empowerment, Motivating People & Leading Difficult Situations Enabling Management & Business Continuation Implementation Approach to Management & Electronic Government Information Technology Security Management Inner Power Detection & Capability of Influencing Others Innovative Approach to High Performance Innovative Approach to Organization & Development Methodologies Innovative Executive Leadership in Contemporary Organizations Innovative Leadership & Positive Thinking Innovative Leadership & Team Building Innovative Leadership Skills & Team Building Integrated Systems for Electronic Planning & Follow-Up Integrated Systems to Problem Solving & Innovative Decision-making Interaction & Correction of Negative Sub-Ordinates Behavior Interaction with Management Crises & Difficult Situations Introduction to Planning & Action Plans Setting Language & Psychology Re-Engineering (NLP) Leadership & Development of Highly Performing Teams Leadership & Innovative Management Leadership & Supervisory Skills for Engineers & Technical Staff Leadership Skills & Innovative Supervision Lean Process & Six Sigma Approach Liberal management and self development of managers seminar Management Communication Improvement based on Simplification of Procedures Management Excellence & Innovative Skills Management Excellence Strategies & Continuous Development Skills Management Excellence Strategies and Re-Engineering Innovation Management Re-Engineering Management excellence and quality management Managers & Art of Modern Control Managing Workplace Anxiety Methodologies to Achieve Innovative Performance Middle Management Skills Development Modern Supervisory Skills Office Politics for Managers Organizational Restructuring Organizational Skills Development Organizational Strategic Performance Development in Governmental Bodies Performance Management & Efficiency Improvement Performance Management in Total Quality Management Planning, Organizing & Follow-Up Skills Positive Business Relationships Preparation of Contemporary Managers & Supervisors Prerequisites of Management Development Strategies Presentation Skills & Effective Communication Problems solving and decision making using mind mapping Professional Manager Management Public Service Excellence & Innovation Risk Assessment & Management Secretaries Skills Development Self-Competency Development for Managers Self-Development of Administrative Assistants Self-Management & Delegation of Authorities Skills Self-Management, Concentration Engineering and Management Innovation Simplification of Work & Performance Development Situational Leadership Strategies Skills Social Intelligence & Work Relations Improvement Social Intelligence: Improving Work-field Relations Strategic Administrative Support Strategic Management & Achievement Evaluation Strategic Management & Innovative Thinking Strategic Performance Assessment & Management Efficiency Strategic Planning & Action Plans Development Strategic Planning & Avoidance of Management Crises Strategic Planning & Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) Strategic Planning, Business Ratios Using The Balanced Score Card Strategic Planning, Follow Up & Performance Results Assessment Stress Management: Confronting Crises & Conflicts Supervisory, Managerial Effectiveness Development & Innovation Talent Management in Workplace The Balanced Score Card Assessment Tool The Interaction With Negative Behavior Of Sub-Ordinates And The Means Of Creating Staff Loyalty Total Quality Management (TQM) Total Quality Management: ISO 9001 Work Pressure Management & Control of Conflicts
Administrative Skills Development of Training Officers Advanced Methodologies for Governmental HR & Performance Management Advanced Methods of Designing Training programs Appreciative Inquiry Business Succession Planning Certified International Professional Trainer (CIPT) Compensation & Benefits Audit/Control Competency-based Development of Training Managers Contemporary Human Resources Management Information Systems Contemporary Methods for Human Resources Officers Developing Human Resources Policies & Procedures Development of Human Resources Records, Archiving & Retrieval Systems Development of Job Search Skills Development of Merits in Human Resources Systems Effective Negotiation Skills Employee Empowerment and Motivation: Leading Difficult Situations Employee Onboarding Entrepreneurship Development Program Excellence Map for Training & Development Managers Excellence Skills for Administrative Affairs Officers Human Resources & Training Strategic Planning Human Resources Management & Career Development Human Resources Management Excellence & Efficiency Human Resources Risk Management Implementation Approach of Training Needs Planning Innovative Strategic Organizational Structuring Integrated Training, Development Policies & Procedures International Standards of Recruitment Selection Introduction to Effective Human Resources Management Job Descriptions, Evaluation & Career-Path Planning Knowledge Management Legal Aspects of Human Resources Management Link Between Career Path Planning & Training Manpower Planning & Career Placement Measuring & Maximizing ROI of Training Methodologies of Career Development Modern Training Strategies & Preparation of Training Plans Organizational Charts Development to Cope with International Changes Payroll Structure & Incentives Performance Appraisal of Subordinates for Training Gaps Determination Performance Assessment & Career-Path Planning Performance Management & Appraisal Performance Management & Contemporary Career-Path Planning Performance Management Strategies using TQM Preparation & Analysis of Training Plans - TNA Process of Job Analysis & Description Professional Hiring Strategies: Recruiting and Selecting Professional Meeting Management Rehabilitation of Modern Human Resources & Training Specialists Relationship Between Job Analysis & Description & Training Needs Assessment SHRM-CP® & SHRM-SCP® Preparation Exam Salary & Benefits Scales Evaluation Strategic Approach to Human Resources Management Strategic Directions of HR Management in Contemporary Organizations Strategic Training and Contemporary Human Development Trainers Skills Development Training Management Information Technology Applications Training Needs Analysis & Evaluation of Training Return on Investment Training Needs Assessment According to Total Quality Management Training Needs Assessment based on Performance Rating Training of Trainers (TOT) Transformational Training & Contemporary Job Replacement Vital Role of Salary Scale & Job Evaluation
Advanced Finance & Accounting Advanced Strategies in Analyzing Financial Statements Advanced Strategies to Develop Accountants & Auditors’ Performance based on International Standards Anti-Money Laundry Audit & Financial Control Test Analysis Bad Debts Management Business Planning & Financial Control Contracting Cost Accounting Cost Accounting & Expenditure Rationalization Cost Accounting & Accounts Observation Cost Accounting Information Systems Development Design & Use of Financial Reporting Effective Management of Financial Sectors Finance for Non-Financial Managers Financial Methodologies, Control & Performance Assessment Financial & Administrative Audit Skills Financial Accountability & Performance Management Financial Analysis & Decision Making Financial Analysis in Governmental Sectors Financial Audit in Electronic Governments Financial Control Standards in Electronic Governments Financial Methodologies to Cost & Expense Rationalization Financial Planning & Budget Preparation Financial Planning and Budget Forecast using Information Technology Financial Planning, according to Total Quality Management Financial Strategic Planning for Projects Using Computers Governmental Accounting, Audit & Financial Reporting How to Prepare an Efficient Internal Auditor? Information Technology Cash Flow Preparation Internal Audit Standards International Standards of Presenting Balance Sheets Managing Financial Crisis Modern Accounting & Book Keeping Modern Approaches to Financial Forecasting Modern Finance & Budget Planning Forecast Modern Methodologies of Audit & Financial Control Modern Methods of Financial Analysis & Investment Decision-making Modern Strategies to Rationalize Expenses & Minimize Cost Modern Techniques For Financial And Control Planning Over Stores And Purchases Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation of Public Budget and Financial Reporting Profit & Cash Flow Planning Quality Cost Control Skills of Reading Financial Ratios & Statements Statistical Analysis of Financial Ratios Using Eviews Package Statistical Methodologies in Governmental Accounting based on IMF Strategic Financial Management reaching Organizational Competitive Edge The Relative Implementation Problems of Letters of Credit The Trasformation From Cash To Merit Base
Construction Project Management Construction Project Management and Execution Design of Maintenance Management Systems Environment Management in Petroleum Areas Feasibility Studies and Project Valuation Health and Environment Safety International Standards Industrial Relationships and The Enhancement of Momentum Information Technology in Production Control Innovation and Development in Production Management and Quality Control Integrated Project Management Using ITPM Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Using Computers Maintenance of Medical Equipment Management & Leadership Skills for Engineers and Technicians Management Maintenance Processes in Production & Service Organizations Management Strategies for Maintenance Processes Measuring and Improvement Of Project Efficiency Modern Approaches to Environment Management And Protection ISO 14000 Modern Approaches to Production Total Quality Management Modern Developments of Project Management, Construction Planning and Evaluation Modern Maintenance and Contract Management Modern Methodologies for Project Management Planning and Organizing Skills for Engineers and Technicians Pollution and Environment Inspection Preventive Maintenance for Buildings Production Planning in Light of International Standards Production Processes Planning Production Quality Improvement Applications Production Supervisory And Leadership Skills Project Management Professional (PMP) Courses Project Management and Control Methodologies Rehabilitation of Mechanical Engineers Small and Medium Size Project Management Supervision of Construction Sites Total Production Maintenance for Projects And Utilities Transportation Activities Planning and Modern Maintenance Methodologies Transportation Logistics Integrated Programs Water Treatment Engineering Water Treatment Plant Operation
Behavioral Skills of Security Officers Controlling Industrial Losses Crises, Risk & Disasters Management Development of Vocational Safety Specialists Skills Effective Security Interrogations Environmental Management in Petroleum Areas Environmental Planning and Pollution Control Establishments Fire Fighting Strategies Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention Methodologies Fire Fighting Technologies & Systems Industrial Safety & Fire Fighting Industrial Safety Management and Vocational Safety Industrial Safety Officers & Patrols Supervisors Capabilities Development Industrial Safety Precautions Internal Audit over Health and Vocational Safety Systems (OHSAS 18001,1999) Mechanisms of Managing Central Operations Room during Crises Modern Approaches to Commercial Forgery Laws Modern Approaches to Confront High Tech Weapons & Explosives Modern Approaches to Environment Management & Protection ISO 14000 Modern Methodologies to Detect And Interact with Explosives Modern Methodologies to Implement Safety in Work Sites Petroleum Fires Precautions & Fighting Ports & Airports Security Against Terrorism Safety of Handling Materials Security Divisions Performance Improvement Security Engineering to Protect Vital Buildings from Terrorism Security Guarding Systems for Organizations Security Planning for Industrial Establishments (Insurance Against Disasters) Security Prediction Planning Security Risk Prevention In Industrial Organizations Security of Petroleum Platforms The International Standard For health and Vocational Safety (OHSAS 18001, 1999) The Skills of Interacting with Explosives and Decoys Warehousing & Stores Protection Against Fire
Administrative and Judical Appeals committees of jurisdiction Contracts Managements Skills And Negotiation Strategeis Development of Legal Affaires Specialists Skills Disciplinary Actions and Decisions Drafting Internal Procedures and Resolutions Engineering Contract Preparation Skills Fundamentals of administrative investigation and the rules of interrogation and evidence collection How to be a Law Professional? Integrity protection strategies and administrative and financial corruption fighting Intellectual Ownership and Electronic Commerce International Arbitration in Conformity with Local and International Legislations International Contracts Management Skills International Participation Contracts in Light of FIDIC Lawful Crises Management in Arab Organizations Leasing and Operating Finance Contracts Legal Responsibility for Management Authority in its Individual Decisions and Judicial Applications Legal Rules for Credential Documents Legislative Issues Resulting from Bank Guaranties Contracts Methodologies of Writing, Translating, and Drafting Legislations and Contracts Minutes Preparation of legal committees Modern Approaches to Commercial Contracts Modern Approaches to Law Inspection and Interrogation Public Positions Legal Conflicts Analysis Skills of Drafting Legal Advice & Understanding Memorandums Terms And Conditions of Insurance Contracts and Conflict Arbitration The Basics of Defense In The Court of Law and Drafting Law Memorandums The Legal Aspects in Management The Legal Aspects of Administration Contracts and Public Bids The Legal Aspects of Electronic Transactions The Legal Aspects of Purchasing Contracts The Role of Law Consultants In International Contracts The Skills of Drafting and Signing International Contracts Transactions Of Customs, Insurance and Maritime Transportation Verdicts and administrative trials and cancellation claims
Advanced Corrosion Technology Advanced Maintenance & Safety Advanced Process Control Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Air Coolers & Cooling Towers Applied Combustion Technology Balancing of Machinery Components Basic Machinery Vibration Basic Process Control Bearing: Selection, Maintenance & Failure Analysis Boilers Operation & Maintenance Cathodic Protection Engineering Chemistry & Technology of Lubrications: Automotive Lubrication Computerized Condition Monitoring Computerized Maintenance Management Systems CMMS – Answer or a Tool? Engineering Aspects of Unit Operation & Performance Fired Heater Fuel Pump & Pipe Network Maintenance Gas & Steam Turbines (Theory & Maintenance) Gas Turbine & Speed Tronic Control Gas Turbines Heat Exchangers (Design, Operation, Maintenance & Inspection) Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance Hydraulic Systems Industrial Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, & Motors Lubrication & their Environmental Impact Lubrication Technology Machine Failure Analysis Machinery & Equipment Maintenance Machinery Alignment Maintenance & Operation of Rotating Machinery Materials Inventory Management Operation & Maintenance Of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power Systems Pipelines Design Plant & Equipment Maintenance Plant Maintenance & Trouble - Shooting Techniques Pressure Vessels Pump Operation & Maintenance Pumps & Compressors: Operation & Maintenance Pumps & Pressurized Piping Systems: Performance & Computer Selection Rotating Equipment: Operation, Maintenance & Vibration Analysis Steam System Efficiency Improvement Total Productive Maintenance Tractor Servicing & Maintenance Valves: Operation & Maintenance Ventilation Engineering Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machinery Water Network Distribution & Maintenance Water Treatment Technology (Advanced) Welding Engineering & Technology
33, 69 KV Cable Joining and Termination Active & Reactive Power Balance & Sharing Advanced Refresher (Consolidation) Training in the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems Appreciation of the Protection of Electrical Power Awareness of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas Awareness of the Operation of High Voltage Power Systems Basic Electricity Basic Principles of the Maintenance of Electrical Switchgear Basic Refresher Training in the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Cable Identification Spiking Circuit Protection & Communication (O/H Line) Communication Networks Computer Control System & Instrumentation Condition Monitoring Of Electrical Machines Control & Management of Offshore & Marine High Voltage Power Systems Distribution System Planning in Electrical Network Earth Electrode Testing Earthing and Bonding for 33KV, 9KV Cables Electric Circuits & Troubleshooting Electric Motors Electrical & Electronic Instruments Electrical Distribution Network Design Electrical Installation Electrical Installations In Residential Building, Hospitals & Factories Electrical Networks Protection & Coordination Electrical Power Distribution Systems Electrical Power Systems Troubleshooting Electrical Pressure Testing Electrical Protection & Coordination Electrical Safety Electrical Safety Awareness Electrical for Non-Electrical Energy Management System (EMS) Energy Saving & Power Factor Improvement Fault Analysis In Utilities & Industries Electrical Networks Fault Analysis in Electrical Network Fundamental of Electricity for Non- Electricians Fundamentals of the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems Fundamentals of the Safe Operation of Marine Offshore High Voltage Power Systems Generation Of Electrical Power Generators & Effect Of Sudden Loading Hazards From Electrical Installations High Efficiency Lighting Systems High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Theory, Design & Applications Industrial Electrical Plant Maintenance Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment Introduction to Electrical Power Engineering Introduction to the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems Introduction to the Safe Operation of Marine & Offshore High Voltage Power Systems Live Testing on AC &DC Systems up to 1000V AC 1500V DC Live Testing on Systems up to 1000 Volts AC Low Voltage Authorized Person Training Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance Measuring Instruments: Monitoring & Calibration Optical Fiber Telecommunications Power Cables (Design, Testing, Location & Jointing Techniques) Power Factor Improvement Power Generation Equipments Power Quality & System Harmonics Power System Study Using Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques Power Transformers - Design, Manufacture, Testing, Operation & Maintenance Practical Introduction to the Safe Operation of High and Low Voltage Switchgear Preventive & Productive Maintenance for Overhead Lines Principles of the Safe Operation of Marine Offshore High Voltage Power Systems Protection of Electrical Power Systems Quality & Security Of Electric Power Delivery Systems Quality Analysis Of Electric Power Systems Reactive Power Management & Power Factor Improvement Reading Engineering Drawing SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition With Application) Safe Operation Review & Competence Assessment Safe Use of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas Safety Grounding & Power Plant Safety Switches: (Test, Inspection, Maintenance & Installations) System Earthing & Protective Earthing Telephone Networks Tests: Fault Location for 33KV, 9KV Cables Transformer & Generator: Protection, Testing & Maintenance Transformer Testing and Maintenance Underground Power Cables (Technology, Design & Analysis)
Advanced Maintenance Management Applied Production & Operation Management BOT Projects Building & Facility Maintenance Systems Computer Application In Process Control Conducting Safety Meeting Construction Management & Bid Package Preparation Continuous Process Improvement Contract Administration & Management Corrosion: Testing, Monitoring & Control Cost Estimation & Economic Evaluation Projects Cost Estimation In Industry Cost Management for Engineering Projects Engineering Materials Properties & Selection Environmental Management System: ISO 14000 Estimating & Tendering Heat Treatment Quality Control of Steel Industrial Pollution Control Instrumentation In Industry Integrated Total project Management Machinery Foundation & Grouting Managing Transportation & Handling Facilities Measurement & Process Control Modern Maintenance Management New Concept For Maintenance System Noise Measurement, Analysis, Rating & Control Non- Destructive Testing Fundamentals, Techniques & Application Operational Planning & Management of Service & Manufacturing Operation Practical Project Economics & Process Analysis Process Re-engineering Production Planning & Control Production Planning Scheduling & Control Productivity & Continuous Improvement Productivity & Quality Improvement Professional Development For Engineers & Technicians Project Management (Advanced) Projects Management (A System Approach to Planning, Scheduling & Controlling) Putting Strategy into Action Quality Assurance & Control Implementation & Standards Quality Assurance Through ISO 9000 Registration Reverse Engineering Safe Working Procedures Small & Medium Enterprises Management The Balanced Scorecard Trouble Shooting Process Control Loops Value Engineering Workshop Workshop Management
Advanced Crude Oil Distillation Advanced Reservoir Simulation Analysis & Evaluation Of Chemical & Petrochemical Industries Applied Statistics for Engineers Basic Oil Industry Basic Petroleum Economics Basic Well Testing & Control Basics Petroleum Economics Common Refinery & Oil Field Pumps Corrosion Control in Oil & Gas Industry Corrosion Protection Methods (Cathodic Protection & Coating) Crude Oil Processing Crude oil emulsion: Problems and Solutions Drilling Technology Economic Evaluation of the Petroleum Projects Electronic Circuits & Trouble Shooting Energy Conservation Environmental Pollution Control in Petroleum Refineries Facilities Integration Filters & Filtration Fire Preventive & Emergency Control Fire Protection & Emergency Control In Petroleum Installations Flowing Wells Fundamental of Crude Oil Distillation Fundamental of Thermal and Catalytic Petroleum Conversion Processes Fundamental of production Technology Fundamentals of The Drilling Fluids Theology Gas Compressors Gas Lift Gas Processing Design and Operation Heat Exchangers & Cooling Towers Heavy Hydrocarbon deposits In Surface and Subsurface Facilities: Problems and Solutions Horizontal Well Technology Hydrocarbon Gases Dehydration using Triathlon Glycol Introduction to Oil & Gas LNG & NGL Plant Concepts Of Overview Loss Prevention in Petroleum Industries Lube Oil Manufacturing Processing Material Selection & Inspection Metering System & Selection - Hydrocarbon Methods and Techniques for Crude Oil Evaluation Miscellaneous Petroleum Additives: Types, Function & Evaluation Natural Gas Dehydration & Sweetening Natural Gas Dehydration and Sweetening New Oil from Old Wells Oil Filter Oil Well Stimulation Oil-Field Electricity Petroleum Business Cash Flow Techniques Petroleum Measurement & Storage Tanks Petroleum Risks and Decision Analysis Pipeline Design and Transportation Operation Pipes & Piping Technology Pressure Valves Process Troubleshooting in Petroleum Refineries Production Optimisation - Using NODAL Analysis Approach Production Optimization Using System Analysis Properties Of Liquids & Gases Safety Relief Valves Safety in Petroleum Operation Sampling Systems & Analytical Instruments Selection of Drilling, Completion & Work over Fluids Stationary Equipment of Crude Oil Plants Surface Facilities for water flooding and salt water disposal Surface Treatment for Crude Oil and Water Switching Fuels from Liquid to Natural Gases Underground Storage Tanks Valves In Oil Industry Waste Water Treatment in Oil Fields & Petrochemical Plants Water Injection Well Pumping Well Test Analysis Wire line Operation Work Over Well Control
Application of Quality Management and Control in Health and Food Industries Contemporary Methods of Quality and Productivity Management Customer Satisfaction Strategy in Light of ISO 10002/2014 Environment Management Approach ISO 14001 Financial Planning in Light of Total Quality Management Food Safty Management System ISO 22000 : 2005 Health and Vocational Safty System OHSAS 18001 Human Resources Role in Total Quality approach Information Technology Management and Security Standards Innovation and Development in Production Management and Quality Control Laboratories Quality Management ISO 17025 Measuring Organizational Performance Quality According to International Quality Standards Medical Laboratories Quality Management Modern Approaches to Security and Safty and Food Quality Control at Production Locations Office Management and Modern Secretarial Quality Work Preparation of Internal Auditors of Environment, Health and Vocational Safty in Compliance with ISO 19011 Productivity Management in Light of Total Quality Management Purchasing and Warehousing Total Quality Management Quality Management Systems ISO 9001- 2015 Quality and Productivity Improvment Six Sigma Application in Business Quality Management Six Sigma Applications to Quality and Performance Development Six Sigma Approach to Hospitals Performance Management and Quality Development Statistical Control Over Production Using Minitab Program Team Management and Quality Workshops Building Total Quality Management Applications Training Activities in Accordance with ISO 10015 Training Needs Assessment in Accordance with Total Quality Management Warehousing Audit in Accordance with Total Quality

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